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FOG Fashion Fest

Festival of Globe (FOG) Fashion Fest is a celebration of the art of couture. Well-known designers from all over the world, who have put together collections for the runway, will be showcasing their work at this event.

Prepare to be dazzled by unique ethnic outfits from different countries - an array of textiles, patterns, colors and intricate work that will transport you to a magical land.

Yes, this is Silicon Valley, San Francisco’s own version of Fashion Week that the glamor capitals of the world host every year! Most of us have seen a fashion show, at least on television, complete with a runway, and the audience seated around it, eagerly awaiting the show. Models strut on to the catwalk and sashay back, showing off outfits that are seen in fashion magazines and “What to Wear” sections of the print and visual media...Read more

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